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Temporary Membership of Swimming Club

Tourists, and other visitors, may join the swimming club on a temporary basis on completion of an application form available from Reception on arrival. Temporary members agree to abide by the Club Rules and Regulations (Click here to read)

Price List for Temporary Membership

Number of Entries Purchased

Individual and Mulitple Entry Discount Card (Adult/Teen)

Family Card (Two Adults and Two Children 2-12yrs)





200 Baht

750 Baht

1,250 Baht

2,000 Baht

500 Baht

2,250 Baht

3,750 Baht

6,000 Baht

If not included in Family Discount Card, the charge for accompanied children between 2 and 12 years old is 100 Baht per entry

Multiple Entry Discount Cards are valid for the sole use of the registered temporary member, for a period of 6 months from the date of purchase, and may not be transferred to another person

Lap Swim Sessions (Time Restrictions)

Individual Lane for maximum 45 minutes or 2 people share for maximum 90 minutes. We reserve the right to implement continuous circuit training during busy periods and/or limit the number of entries to the pool

Every Day 0700 - 0900; Mon - Fri 1700 - 1900

75 Baht per person (adult or child)

The entrance charge for children using the small pools only before 0900 and after 1700 is 60 Baht

Click here to download map and directions

in Thai and English

Tourist Package

Includes entrance fee, transport to and from hotel or guesthouse within city moat, reserved sunbed for each person in your party, welcome soft drink, and towels.


Number in Party
(Count children as 1 person and see notes below)




1 Person


475 Baht


2 Persons


750 Baht


3 Persons


900 Baht


4 Persons


1,100 Baht


5 Persons


1,300 Baht


6 Persons


1,500 Baht


  1. There is no charge for children under 2 years old.
  2. Deduct 100 Baht from the above costs for each child between 2 &12 years old
  3. Teenagers and Adults are charged at the rates shown above
  4. The Swimming Club does not allow unaccompanied children and teenagers under 15 into the pool.  Club regulations also require a supervising adult for every 2 children.
  5. Consumption of food and drink purchased outside the Club is subject to a 100 Baht picnic fee for each person in the party, with the exception of drinking water.

To book please telephone: 081 473 0746 at least 3 hours before required pick up time or E-mail info@therealcentreoftheuniverse.com at least 24 hours ahead of required pick up time.

When booking please provide the following information:

  1. Your name
  2. Number of adults and children in your party
  3. Time and date of required pick up
  4. Approximate time of return journey to guesthouse/hotel (this can be confirmed or changed upon arrival at the swimming pool)
  5. Name, location and telephone number of hotel or guesthouse
  6. Your room number at the guesthouse/hotel

Optional Extra: Traditional Thai Massage at 250 Baht per hour

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